Noma Soba


A fragrant soba grown in the cold mountains of 600m high in the center of Tango Peninsula

Noma Soba

In 2004, Minayama cho, Ohmiya cho, Amino cho, Tango cho, Yasakae cho and Kumihama cho were consolidated into one city called Kyotango city. The city spreads from the Western side of the Tango Peninsular to the mountainous part, with an area of 502 square kilometers, which makes the city the third largest in Kyoto. Noma area, Yasakaecho, located in the center of the city, is a small village of around 220 people. “Noma soba” is grown in the cold mountains of 600 meters in this village. It is not known very well, but is a fragrant soba of high quality with a firm and smooth texture, grown with clear water and slash-and-burn farming.

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