Kibidango, Murasuzume, Hatsuyuki


Representative sweets from Okayama

Kibidango, Murasuzume, Hatsuyuki

There are many kinds of sweets in Okayama prefecture, but kibidango, murasuzume, and hatsuyuki are the representative sweets among many. “Kibidango” was offered to court nobles of the capital in 1856. “Murasuzume” from Kurashiki derives from sparrows spreading their wings to the ears of rice making golden waves. “Hatsuyuki” is made from glutinous rice of Tsuyama city, a castle town during the old days. It inflates when it is baked and the crispy texture melts in your mouth when you bite it.

Information provided by : okayamakenkyodobunkazaidan「okayamanoazi」


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