Snack with the walnuts which are also used for gathering people


The traditional snack at which walnuts entered in a birthplace of rice flour. A Girl's Festival on March 3 has the custom that I'll offer SHO which displays, cuts and doesn't do Hanamaki doll at Hanamaki. It has been told as local food of gathering people and the time when I flatter (It's called small noon to rest in front of the lunch.) The how to make, the seasoning and the shape are also various by an area and a house.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Nonglutinous rice powder500g
  • The lame250g
  • Concentrated taste soy sauce100cc
  • Salad oilTablespoon 1.5
  • walnuts50g
  • Black sesameTablespoon 1.5
  • Water650cc
Water of the quantity and the lame put soy sauce in a thick pot, and it's heated while stirring. I put in salad oil just before the boiling and make them boil.
During boiling, firepower isn't weakened and it's boiled for more than 3 minutes while putting powder in quickly and making a hole in places by a wooden latch. Without turning off heat while seeing the state by which powder was cooked, it's stirred and heat is turned off readily. It's stirred up so that white powder may disappear.
You can add walnuts and black sesame, get wet, bet a washcloth and put to sleep one night.
I put the emphasis firm, and the fabric which could be put to sleep enough is kneaded until it can be torn now. (By a dialect, "make, if, NERU") when fabric is kneaded, a stickiness comes out, but moreover it'll be to knead and be the fabric which isn't sticky. When time to knead is short, when having been finished, I touch a tooth.
ME where I tear 5.1 in 50g and have that in the old Japanese gold coin type, please, the style is put in by disposable wooden chopsticks. 25 of this is made.
I equal a steamer and steam for 25 minutes by medium heat.
I equal a steamer and steam for 25 minutes by medium heat.25分蒸す。

Information provided by : Iwate-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry The agricultural spread technological department


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