Oshinuki Sushi


The smell of vinegar and Japanese pepper stimulates appetite

Oshinuki Sushi

Sawara is a fish of spring. It is also a season word to express spring in haiku. The sea of Seto becomes busy for sawara harvest when broad beans grow and wheat becomes to ripen. During this season, farm households in Sanuki buy sawara, make plenty of sawara dishes and invite friends and relatives. The main character of these dishes is oshinuki sushi. The custom where a young bride brings a sawara back to her parent’s home, make oshinuki sushi and brings it back to her new home continues in some parts of the prefecture.

Recipi of cuisin

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  • rice5 cups
  • sawara300g
  • saltosaji1
  • vinegar1/2 cup
  • broad beans12
  • saltlittle
  • sugarkosaji1
  • egg1
  • saltkosaji1/4
  • butterbur2
  • dashiosaji3
  • sakeosaji2
  • sugarosaji1
  • saltkosaji1/2
  • shiitake mushrooms4 dried
  • shiitake mushroom extract1/2 cup
  • sugar, soy sauce, mirin1 osaji each
  • Japanese pepper leaves12
  • cold tofu1
  • dashi1 cup
  • sugarosaji2
  • saltkosaji1/2
  • sakekosaji1.5
  • light soy saucekosaji1/2

[ Blended vinegar ]

  • vinegar1/2 cup
  • sugar130g
  • salt15g
Cook rice, mix with blended vinegar and make sushi rice.
Rub 1 kosaji of salt into butterbur, roll on a cutting board and remove harshness. Boil, add taste and cut into small pieces.
Leave shiitake mushrooms in water for a while. Boil in this water together with seasonings.
Make thin omelets with eggs and cut into small strips.
Rub in salt and add vinegar to the sawara and leave for a while. Wash with vinegar water and spread on a plate.
Boil broad beans with salt water and add sweet and salty taste.
Leave cold tofu in lukewarm water. Add taste and cut into small pieces.
Place yoran in the bottom of the oshinuki pressing mold and place half of the sushi rice. Place 2, 3, 6, 7 and place rice on top. Place eggs, sawara, broad beans neatly. Press from top and remove from the mold. Place Japanese pepper leaves on top.

Information provided by : kagawaken nuseisuisanbu nougyokeieika


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