Saba (mackerel) sushi


Fatty saba sushi is just like sashimi!

Saba (mackerel) sushi

Saba sushi is mainly made in the northern and central areas of Okayama prefecture. It is a representative food for autumn festival delicacy. Saba (mackerels) caught in the Sea of Japan are called oku saba and have been used for making sushi since long ago. Surviving the rough sea makes the flesh firm and flavorful. Between September and December is the best season for saba sushi.

Recipi of cuisin

for 8 persons

  • rice1.4kg
  • glutinous rice140g

[ blended vinegar ]

  • vinegar1/2 cup
  • sugar300g
  • salt2 tablespoon

[ salted mackerel ]

  • vinegar5 cups
  • sugar300g
  • yuzu citrons2
  • ginger20g
  • bamboo sheaths8
  • polyethylene film
Wash salted mackerel well and cut into three slices. Leave in blended sugar and vinegar for 1 to 3 days.
Take the mackerel out from blended sugar and vinegar. Remove skin and bones completely.
Wash rice, leave in 10 percent extra water for about half day. Cook rice as normal, leave to steam for ten minutes. Transfer all rice to sushi oke (a wooden bowl for sushi rice).
Boil sugar, vinegar and salt and make blended vinegar. Pour over the hot rice in the sushi oke, mix well and make sushi rice.
Place mackerel with flesh on top in a pressure box for making saba sushi. Place grated ginger and grated yuzu citron. Place sushi rice on top and shape it using the pressure box. Wrap with polyethylene film and bamboo sheaths, place them all in saba sushi bowls without making any gaps in between. Place wooden drop-lid on top, put weight and leave for two or three days.
Take out, cut and serve.

Information provided by : okayamakenkyodobunkazaidan「okayamanoazi」


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