Noodles including the dish boiled in miso


The rather strong noodles boiled with fermented soybean paste of a specialty

Noodles including the dish boiled in miso

The dish which put in and boiled the solid and thick noodles which are made with only flour and water for the thick soup which was made with soup stock of dried bonito and the Haccho soybean paste which is Nagoya specialty. Chicken, thin fried tofu, egg and leek include and are also excellent in nutrient balance in topping material. The Haccho soybean paste in which I take the leading part in seasoning is the thick fermented soybean paste the Mikawa warrior represented by Tokugawa Ieyasu carried around. It's associated with the name's being made with Okazaki castle extensively at eight piece village eight pieces fit (about 870 m) to west (present Hacchocho, Okazaki-shi). Haccho soybean paste is the seasoning necessary to eating habits and is also used by a fermented soybean paste cutlet and tofu rice-planting dance in addition to the mixed stew noodles in Nagoya.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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