Agu pork cuisine


The high quality signature pork from Okinawa, it is understandable why more people every year repeat purchasing this pork .

Agu pork cuisine

Okinawa has one of the highest consumption of pork. There are many brand pork, but the most popular one is Agu pork, the native black pig of Okinawa. People call this pork “phantom pork” because there are so few Agu pork exist which received quality guarantee. The texture of meat is tender and rich and has a perfect balance of meat and fat. There are many dishes with Agu pork, and they are served all over Okinawa. The dish I would recommend is Buta no Kakuni Rafty (pork cubes simmered in sauce). Though this has a lot of fat,but because it is high quality fat, you can eat this lightly. Agu pork is good for Shabu shabu, Yakiniku and Sukiyaki. Please enjoy the Umami of Agu pork.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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