Ankou nabe


Enjoy the tasty anglerfish grown in the rough seas of the Japan Sea!

Ankou nabe

This is a nabe with fresh anglerfish which grow in the rough seas of the Japan Sea and is caught at the port of Itogawa City. Not only the anglerfish meat, but also "seven parts of anglerfish" which indicates the seven edible parts of anglerfish such as gills, liver, and five other parts are cooked in nabe. The flavor of the nabe differs depending on each home and restaurants. The best season of anglerfish is between December and the end of February when the liver grows fat. Every year between the middle of January and the end of February in Itogawa City, an anglerfish fair takes place, and restaurants which participate in the fair serve a anglerfish nabe in the best season. Tasting different flavors of angler nabe at different restaurants is one of the fun things you can try in Itogawa City.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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