ShamoRock Hot Pot


Exquisite hot pot with full flavours of Aomori ShamoRock chicken

ShamoRock Hot Pot

Aomori ShamoRock, a cross-bred premium chicken produced in the prefecture, is a perfect ingredient for making a savoury hot pot because it is so rich in umami components of glutamic and inosinic acids. The hot pot is simple - just add chicken and vegetables in the soup made from ShamoRock and let it simmer until it gets steaming hot – yet, it is bursting with flavours. To finish the meal, the locals like to add cooked rice or noodles to relish the soup to the fullest. With the pleasant chewy texture of the chicken meat, rich and flavourful soup, and the ingredients that have absorbed the essence of the soup, this is an excellent local cuisine recommended for all visitors.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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