Benten Nabe


Containing all of the bounty of the Shizuoka sea!

Benten Nabe

An original nabe (hot pot) developed at a ryokan in Matsuzaki in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka is known for its plentiful seafood landed at such famous ports as Yaizu and Numazu. ‘Benten Nabe’ takes its name from the popular sightseeing spot Benten Island, and contains plenty of sumptuous fresh seafood. The pot is loaded to the brim with locally landed fresh seafood such as lobster, abalone, sazae (turban shell), watarigani (blue crab), ‘shittaka’ sea snails, and small ‘tokobushi’ abalone. The earthenware pot looks small under the mountain of seafood, the quality and splendor of which will have you transfixed. The rich soup flavored with seafood goodness is finished off with miso. The soup is so full of seafood goodness that you will want to drink it all up.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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