Kakino dotenabe


A unique oyster hot pot, the pride of Hiroshima!

Kakino dotenabe

This is a kind of Japanese style hot pot with miso coated inside the pot like a bank, and cook oysters, tofu, vegetables such as hakusai and shungiku in it. You adjust the flavor as you prefer by breaking down the “miso bank” and mixing it into the soup, and this is a very unique style of hot pot of Hiroshima. There are several different stories for the origin of this cuisine, and one of the stories says that merchants invented it. It is also said that Hiroshima Prefecture has a long history of cultivation of oysters which goes back to the Muromachi period, and Hiroshima yields the biggest production of oysters in Japan today. Kakino dotenabe is famous all over Japan, and is served not only in restaurants but also at home.

Recipi of cuisin

for 2 persons

  • oysters, which are edible row200g
  • hakusai1/8
  • mitsuba1/2
  • enoki mushrooms1/2 pack
  • shimeji mushromms1/4 pack
  • naganegi1/2
  • shiitake mushromms2
  • momendofu1/2
  • shirataki50g
  • yomogi fu2
  • dashi700cc
  • miso (sweet miso is recommended)100g
Lightly wash oysters
Cut hakusai into bite-size, and chop off the end of mitsuba and cut into 4cm in length. Chop off the stems of shimeji and shiitake, and separate shimeji into smaller batches. Chop off the stems of enoki about 3cm from the bottom and separate them. Cut tofu into 6 pieces, and slice naganegi diagonally into1cm thick. Boil shirataki and cut them.
Coat inside the pot with miso, pour dashi, and put all the ingredients except oysters. Add oysters at last so they will not be over cooked. Have a taste and adjust the flavor by dissolving the miso coated on the pot.

Information provided by : 100 Selections of traditional local cuisines of farms and fishery

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