Shironegi Nabe


Leeks for dinner! A leek hot-pot with surprisingly rich flavor.

Shironegi Nabe

This is a hot-pot with leeks, one of famous Tottori vegetables, also known as the ‘leek Shogun hot-pot’. A kombu and bonito stock is made in an earthenware pot, then flavored with soy sauce and mirin, and leeks are dipped into the hot stock briefly in shabu-shabu fashion. You can enjoy the rich sweetness and superb crunchy texture of leeks which are in season from autumn through winter. The right dipping sauce is indispensable for this dish. Yellowtail or similar sashimi fish is chopped finely with green onions and mixed with ponzu or sesame flavored sauce. The leeks and sashimi create a superb harmony in your mouth. You can eat it in shops around the city with signs saying ‘shironegi ryori no mise’ (shop selling leek cuisine).

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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