Nigagori no tsukudani


An ingenuity to keep enjoying the peculiar bitterness of summer.

Nigagori no tsukudani

"Nigagori" refers to goya, and this is a dish of tsukudani made with goya which the people of Kagoshima have been regarding as an essence of life as goya in various colors of green peak out from its vines under the midsummer sun.

Recipi of cuisin

  • nigauri (nigagori)400g
  • brown sugar60g
  • mirin50cc
  • usukuchi shoyu1 tablespoon
  • koikuchi shoyu3 tablespoons
  • sake1 tablespoon
  • katsuobushiproper quantity
  • sesame seedsproper quantity
Cut nigagori into halves, remove the inner white pith and seeds by a spoon. Cut into thin slices, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water. Wring out water well.
Add all the seasonings, and simmer down until only little liquid is left. Add katsuobushi and sesame seeds if preferred.

Information provided by : NPOhojin kirishimasyokuikukenkyukai

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