The winter taste of Tango and Japanese clear soup from GURA. A body is in a blunder blunder by the soup made TORO.


I tell a formal name to the fish called GURA (or, GUBI) with "roe Chinese milk vetch" by Kyoto and Tango Peninsula and am landed by dragnet fishing with snow crab at winter Tango Peninsula. The surface is gelatin matter and that the one which is being done with NURU cooks it by the feature, the food texture gelatin matter melted, and which was made TORO is the intolerable taste. The typical local food by which "GURA soup" is enjoying in the GURA dish the number is from the past. The flavor drinks the thick soup which seeped, and the winter when a body gets cold seems to come in the best treat for an snow-white body of GURA.

Information provided by : Gurunabi

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