Ise Takuan


Unique fragrant and taste of pickles kept for more than 2 years

Ise Takuan

Ise Takuan is also known across the country as “Ise koko”. It has been made since the end of the Edo period in farm villages of Ise, several decades after Takuan Osho spreaded this in Edo. The traditionals method have been kept, where misono daikon (white radish) is hung on a wooden bar, let dry in the cold Northwestern wind for days, and pickled for more than two years. The rice bran with aubergine leaves, persimmon skins, and red chili help create the unique fragrant and taste. The appearance as well as taste are of genuine pickles. They are mainly made in Ise city, Meiwa machi, Obata cho, and Tamaki cho.

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