Inoshishi Nabe


A famous dish from Izu that whets the appetite with its vibrant color.

Inoshishi Nabe

Inoshishi nabe is otherwise known as ‘botan nabe’ (peony hot pot), a reference to the wild boar meat which shrivels up as it boils, resembling a peony flower, and also because it is often served arranged like a peony flower. It is one of the traditional foods of Izu, made by simmering boar meat with shitake, daikon, green onion, burdock and other ingredients in a soup flavored with sweetish miso. The miso is either blended or one made specifically for inoshishi nabe. The flavor depends on the miso mix used. Mt. Amagi in Izu is one of the three major sources of boar meat in Japan, with the hunting season lasting from mid-November until the end of March.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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