Dish necessary to rejoicings. With ancestor's "mud excitement" of the name?


With taro of Okinawa specialty, cook. I say that the state boiling taro was "mud excitement"" DURUWAKASHI" because they seemed to be boiling mud. After frying taro as well as pork and a potato stem, the vegetables which are shiitake mushroom with soup stock are added and boiled, and the taste is arranged with white miso, and it's finished. The delicacy, the historical origin, the sake of a superior brand from Okinawa and the awamori match well and are served for a meeting for its taste. When growing it, because less than 10 aroids of the degree form around the pro-potatoes you make it a symbol of prosperity of offsprings and are often taken out by a place by the rejoicings.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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