Kesen dango


A simple confectionary enjoyed with tea in the Satsuma Domain.

Kesen dango

Trees of "Kesen" generally refer to the trees of cinnamomum such as nikke or cinnamon which grow in warm climate and every house in Kagoshima Prefecture used to grow them in the old days. Kesen dango used to be made of azuki beans without leaves, and was served as a confectionary for tea at the Satsuma Domain. TKesen dango at that time became spoiled due to the heat of Kagoshima so the leaves from cinnamon trees were used later to prevent them from spoiling after it was found out that cinnamon leaves had antiseptic capability.

Recipi of cuisin

for [:ja]20個分/10[:en]20 pieces / for 10 persons[:de]20個分/10[:ru]20個分/10[:es]20個分/10[:fr]20個分/10[:it]20個分/10[:ko]20個分/10[:th]20個分/10[:zh]20個分/10[:ch]20個分/10[:] persons

  • dango powder200g
  • sarashi an200g
  • light brown sugar200g
  • salt1 pinch
  • wateraround 500cc
  • kesen40 leaves
Mix dango powder, sarashi an, light brown sugar and salt well, add water little by little and knead until the dough become as soft as earlobe.
Make oval balls of a size of a kesen leave, put each dango between two kesen leaves, and steam them in a steamer for about 15 minutes.
* "kakaran leaves (sarutoriibara)" are used to make "Kakara dango."

Information provided by : NPOhojin kirishimasyokuikukenkyukai


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