Child rearing dumpling soup


The woman whose term is near's meal to bring up a fine child

Child rearing dumpling soup

The miso soup which was made the purpose by which a woman whose term is near takes out milk and brings up a fine child much. Of mother's milk, bleeding better you make the dumpling made with glutinous rice and bad heart's blood are lowered the bumpkin who tells put RA in. It's made at various parts of the prefecture from the past. There is also an area where I slurp and call dumpling soup.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Glutinous rice powder200g
  • Dried stems of taro10g
  • Taro potato150g
  • Carrot50g
  • Burdock50g
  • Trepang20g
  • Fermented soybean paste100g
  • water4 cups
  • Leeksuitable.
The soup stock is passed with trepang
Soak dried stems of taro in the water and cuts it into the length of the 2-3cm. I peel skin of taro potato and cut into round slices, and it's blanched and slime is taken quickly.
One burdock, well, it's made a child and it's exposed to water. The carrot is made round slice and then quarter.
Stems of taro, taro potato and burdock in a pot of soup stock, and it's put over a fire, and carrot is added and boiled from later.
Water is added to glutinous rice powder a little, and it's kneaded until it'll be firmness which is about an earlobe. It's stick-type, I'll do, tear up and take the dumpling which is a flat circularly.
If vegetables are cooked, fermented soybean paste is dissolved and put in, and a dumpling is put in.
If a dumpling is rising, finish. Leek of slicing is scattered at the end.

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