Local food of the Snow Country pride by which a body becomes warm


It's SAWA, too in addition to the fermented soybeans for miso-flavored soup and you hand one in (mushroom), bracken and leaf mustard down from generation to generation as something in which tofu is put certainly. A topping is held profit of SAN, and a body often becomes warm.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Fermented soybeans1 package
  • Thin fried tofuSmall 1
  • Sawamodashi150g
  • Tofu1/2 pieces
  • Carrot1/2
  • Bracken (salt curing)80g
  • Leek1
  • Takana50g
  • Miso70g
  • Dried small sardine5-6
  • Water800cc
Pull out the salt from Sawamodashi, bracken, takana.
Fermented soybeans is put in an earthenware mortar and it's often filled up with rather thin Japanese radish. I have sticky strings, to the extent, the rule of thumb.Because it's difficult for fermented soybeans to escape to use Japanese radish, and the smell is eased.
The soup stock is passed with dried small sardine. I make it rather a little darker than miso soup.
Carrot cuts rounded and quartered slices and thin fried tofu small, and, without oil. Bracken cuts leaf mustard into about 2 cm small. Tofu makes the throw and the allium slicing.
Carrots ,sawamodashi, and bracken in a pot. Once cooked, add tofu and put the miso.
Ordinary flavor to darker than the miso soup.
Crushed fermented soybeans, 5. It's extended to doze by the soup which is so, and, 5. It's exceeded in a close-grained basket readily, and it's put in the pot which is so.
I make them brought to boil and put in leaf mustard. I hope that you put leek in a bowl by a taste.

Information provided by : Iwate-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry The agricultural spread technological department.


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