Dobu jiru


Used to be a fishermen’s meal, but it is a delicacy dish of Fukushima today.

Dobu jiru

This is a traditional dish in the areas between the southern Fukushima and the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture, and it is the origin of Anko nabe. This was originally a fishermen’s meal onboard, and Dobu jiru differs from Anko nabe in that Dobu jiru is cooked with no water. Dobu jiru is cooked by frying Ankimo (liver) on a pot, put anko and vegetables, simmer with the water from ako and vegetables, and seasoning with miso. It is a rich and nutritious hot pot of anko. There are several different stories of the origin of the unique name, Dobu (ditch or sewage) jiru, one says it was named after a word “dobu” meaning “all” and the other says it came after the color of doburoku. Since the preparation of Dobu jiru needs some tricks and tips, this dish is not usually cooked home. There are only a few restaurants in some places of the southern Fukushima that serve authentic Dobu jiru today.

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