Artwork of the rice which sees and eats beautifulness, and is good


It's wound on a flower of a large wheel, so when it's showy and arrangement, I stand out. There are many kinds of flowers of a camellia, so you can vary a petal and wind variously.

Recipi of cuisin

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  • Sushi rice350g
  • Sushi rice (pink)240g
  • An omelet1
  • Glue1
  • Green vegetable60g
  • The pickled radish line limit (for floral cores)40g
The sushi rice is made person arrangement on the omelet. Glue of 1/2 is put in the center, pink sushi rice 1/4 is put, it's rounded and it's made the degree. Green vegetable is put in one side.
1 of glue is put, a line limit pickled radish is put in the center and pink sushi rice is put in both sides, and winds while winding on one side and quieting a topping by the durability every the bamboo screen and a right hand.
※ The color of the petal is made pink using the rouge which was taken from BU which doesn't go out of Sakura or a fished purple fruit and red plum vinegar. Red dried gourd shaving is put in an outside move and line limit red pickled ginger is added to sushi rice. Even if I'll take thick egg, the center is clean.
How to make※ sushi rice and thick egg is Chiba, "a thickly rolled sushi bruise, with the selling point of", recipe referring.

Information provided by : The taste of the home dish at CHIBA


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