Specialty of graceful Odawara who pickled a double flowering cherry tree of blooming with salt and Shiraume vinegar for 70%


Odawara's specialty. The double flowering cherry tree with the dark and aromatic color is suitable, the one in which something in for 70% bloom was pickled with salt and Shiraume vinegar. "Sakurayu" who floats on hot hot water and tastes feels a petal is wide lightly, and the graceful fragrance floats. Tea on a day of clear sky often drinks to break it. For the acid included in plum vinegar to suppress propagation of a microorganism, the "cherry tree rice" I have warm rice mix the "flower immerse of" a cherry tree washed in water quickly with which is one in which the shelf stability is also excellent. Besides the bowl kind of clear soups, a garnish of sashimi, a Japanese confection, vinegared food, Jell-O and ice cream can also be enjoyed variously.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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