As the eating between meals easy at Chichibu, basic. HOKUHOKU sense and kanshin fermented soybean paste sagging are delicious.


"Fermented soybean paste potato" has several local food which is eaten in between the farming called "Small lunch (In KOJUU, oh.)" and the time when I got a little hungry in the Saitama-ken Chichibu area, and it's also the one. How to make is put on the clothes which cut it into bite size and dissolved flour in boiled potato, it's raised clearly by oil and bittersweet fermented soybean paste sagging is bet. Crisply, I made clothes and the potato which chuckled match fermented soybean paste sagging well. At this place, for a snack, for an appetizer, in a dish, if, it was learned about as light meal of the basic which plays an active part, but because it was chosen as a class B gourmet in Saitama-ken, celebrity also finished nationwide.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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