Isaza no jyunjyun


" Jyunjyun" means "Sukiyaki"

Isaza no jyunjyun

The lake fish which lives in the bottom in Biwa-ko Lake where Gymnogobius isaza is about 8 centimeters of body height. I put in "Gymnogobius isaza" instead of meat, tie in egg and enjoy myself by a thing of "Sukiyaki". A bone is also soft fish, so it's possible to eat just as it is.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Gymnogobius isaza500g
  • Leek360-500g
  • Grilled tofu1 piece
  • Water1 and 1/3 Cup
  • Sugartablespoon 4
  • Strong soy saucetablespoon 6
Gymnogobius isaza is washed beautifully and moisture is kept. The leek is made a chunk of 3cm and 2 cm of grilled tofu is cut square.
Water and the seasoning are put in a sukiyaki pot, and if I boil, Gymnogobius isaza is also put in.
If Gymnogobius isaza is cooked, grilled tofu and leek are put in and boiled. An umbrella is big, so leek shares with 2-3 times and puts it in.

Information provided by : Good taste collection in Shiga

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