Mimigar Sashimi


One of the dish you will be served for sure as a part of Ryukyu cuisines (Okinawan)

Mimigar Sashimi

Mimigar describes ears and Mimigar Aemono (mixed with dressing) is the dish you will be served as apart of Ryukyu cuisines. The texture is firm almost crunchy like jelly fish, and is loved by customers. Ears are boiled and dressed with vinegar and soy sauce, some time with peanuts base sauce.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Mimigar (ear of pig)100g
  • Cucumber200g
  • Bean sprout60g
  • Peanut butter50g
  • Sugar30g
  • White miso19g
  • Salt1/2 tea spoons
  • Vinegar5 tea spoons
Burn the hair of Mimigar by putting it on fire directly, rinse well and boil it for 40 minutes
Slice Mimigar, salt them and let it rest. Rinse with boiled water to take out salt and oil
Cut cucumber into fie strips. Boil bean sprout
Mix all the condiments and to make a peanut vinegar sauce
Mix Mimigar with cucumber, boiled bean sprout, and peanut vinegar sauce.

Information provided by : 沖縄県 農林水産部流通・加工推進課

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