Nishime with homemade tofu


The local food in which much homemade grilled tofu was used. Wild vegetable from the land enter much.
I eat in a Boys' Festival and New Year's.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Grilled tofu2
  • Carrot1
  • BurdockSmall 1/2
  • Shiitake mushroom4
  • Butterbur (salt curing)500g
  • Bracken (salt curing)500g
  • A potato3
  • Konnyaku1/2
  • Chikuwa1
  • Fried fish paste2
  • Dried small sardine20 tail
  • Dried kelp used as a base for soup stock5
  • Concentrated taste soy sauceTablespoon 1
  • Sweet rice cooking wineTablespoon 1
  • SakeTablespoon 1
Bracken and butterbur do salt excuse and cut it into the 5-6cm length. I often wash seaweed and tie. The kind of fish sausage and the fried fish paste are made cut diagonally.
I cut carrot and burdock into chunks. Burdock is exposed to water, and, without lye.
Potato is cut half and it's chamfered.
In a pot, dried small sardine and seaweed, insertion. Soup stock is made.
Burdock is put in soup stock and it's boiled.
If I boil, vegetables of leaving and tofu are put in and it's seasoned with soy sauce.
A kind of fish sausage and fried fish paste are put in.
※ When it's used, I don't lose shape after tofu is baked.
I simmer by low flame, it's boiled for about 40 minutes.
Completion is seasoned with liquor and sweet rice cooking wine, etc. and it's boiled for about 15 minutes.When it's boiled lengthily, the taste becomes rich, so if vegetables were soft and there was taste, heat is turned off, and it's put while putting it in broth for about 30 minutes.

Information provided by : Iwate-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry The agricultural spread technological department.

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