Yobuko Squid


A masterpiece of experienced chefs who cut up and serve a live squid only in 30 seconds!?

Yobuko Squid

This is a masterpiece of experienced chefs, a sashimi dish of kensaki-ika (caught during March to September) and aori-ika (caught during December to March) served alive. It takes only 30 seconds for the chefs to cut up a squid and serve it. Since ikidukuri is quickly prepared and served as soon as it is done, the squid still looks transparent and fresh compared with the usual one which looks white. Kensaki-ika was not very popular among fishermen as they were traded at a low price in the markets, however, in 1973, local restaurants started serving a dish of ika-no-ikidukuri and gesso (squid tentacles) tempura, and it became a popular dish through word of mouth from the visitors. In Yobuko-cho you can also enjoy ikameshi, squid egg miso soup, and other squid specialties along with ika-no-ikidukuri.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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