Fried Itadori (Japanese knotweed)


Made with a symbol of the coming of spring

Fried Itadori (Japanese knotweed)

Itadori is a kind of vegetable that grows everywhere. It is an original vegetable of Kochi since long ago and can be harvested in April and May.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • salted itadori200g
  • tempura1枚
  • sugarlittle
  • soy sauce20cc
  • vegetable oilsuitable
Desalt the itadori by soaking it in water. Cut in 3-4cm.
Peel the skin of raw itadori and boil with hot water. Take it out quickly and soak in cold water. Keep in water for half to one day and remove the sourness.
Cut tempura thinly.
Heat oil in a pan, add all the ingredients and fry them quickly.
Turn off the heat when the itadori colors change. Be careful not to fry them till they become soft.In order to preserve, remove skin, cut into 20cm long, and pickle with salt using a stone weight. Take out after 2 or 3 days and freeze them in small plastic bags. The colors will stay as it is and they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Information provided by : oishifudokochi

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