Foot Tibichi (soup of a pig foot)


Collagen, much. One piece also good for beauty !

Foot Tibichi (soup of a pig foot)

The soup which boils and makes the pig foot I cut into chunks.* There is little fat and the quality of meat of the foot of a pig is from the collagen, when this is boiled soft as I spend time, and it may melt, the collagen will be the taste which can be called nothing.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Pig foot1500g
  • Water12 cups
  • Seaweed40g
  • Japanese radish600g
  • Soup stock with dried bonito shavingsproper amount
  • Saltteaspoon 1 and 1/2.
  • Soy sauceteaspoon 1/2.
I wash a pig foot with hot water and cut into round slices of 6 cm of length. I cut Japanese radish big, rehydrate seaweed in water, tie and make seaweed.
I make the fire stronger until I put over a fire including a pig foot and water of the quantity in a pot and boil, and it's boiled for about 2 hours by low flame while skimming it. If it becomes soft, Japanese radish, seaweed and salt rather less than the quantity are put in and boiled.
If it'll be so that a pig foot is cooked, and a body comes off meat, katsuo-dashi is made up, the taste is arranged by soy sauce and salt and it's completed.

Information provided by : Okinawa-ken Marine Products Division circulation of agriculture and forestry and the processing promotion department


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