Jidori no nitsuke (kiikon)


A typical "omotenashi" dish for people in Kagoshima Prefecture

Jidori no nitsuke (kiikon)

"Kiikon (cut)" was named after the way ingredients were cut and put in a pot for preparation. This is a dish cooked with chopped chicken on the bone, and is a nitsuke that is usually dished out as one of the celebration dishes. In the Kirishima area, this has been a typical "omotenashi" dish for the New Year and guests since the old days.

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  • chopped Jidori (locally produced chicken on the bone)300g
  • daikon200g
  • carrots100g
  • konnyaku100g
  • satoimo100g
  • atsuage100g
  • gobou50g
  • dried shiitake mushrooms4-5
  • kinusaya4-5
  • usukuchi shoyu60~80cc
  • honmirin60~80cc
  • water600cc
  • oil1 and 1/2 tablespoons
Soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water to dehydrate. Chop other ingredients in big pieces.
Put oil in a pot, and cook the surface of chicken. Add water, dakon, carrots, gobou and shiitake mushrooms (the shiitake water as well).
Once all the ingredients soaked the flavor in, dish out and put boiled kinusaya on the side.

Information provided by : NPOhojin kirishimasyokuikukenkyukai


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