Shimi-daikon no Nishime


Traditional home-made dish in the cold climate

Shimi-daikon no Nishime

Shimi-daikon no Nishime is a traditional dish of Iwate made with daikon radish frozen and dried in cold winter winds, mountain vegetables, freeze-dried tofu, gutted and dried Pacific herring, and kombu seaweed simmered in a soy sauce-flavoured dashi broth.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Frozen daikon radish50g
  • Gutted and dried Pacific herring300g
  • Maitake mushrooms200g
  • Freeze-dried tofu200g
  • Kombu seaweed (dried)30g
  • Konjac1
  • Butterbur200g
  • Carrot1 (big one)
  • Bamboo shoot200g
  • Dashi broth from cooking the radish500cc
  • Salt1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce50cc
  • Cooking sake rice wine100cc
To make frozen daikon radish, wash daikon thoroughly, cut it into half, and hang them outside using a string. Exposing them to the cold winter winds makes them into good frozen daikon.
Cut the butterbur into 6cm strips. Quickly boil the maitake mushrooms, and cut the carrot into round slices. Pour boiling water over the bamboo shoot, cut out the hard part near the root, and cut the rest into thick slices.
Boil the herring and drain. Soak the kombu seaweed in water, and tie each piece when soft. Rehydrate the freeze-dried tofu, drain and cut them into half. Twist the konjac.
Cook the daikon radish in plenty of water until soft. Use 500cc of the cooking water as a dashi broth, add kombu, herring, sake and cook.
Take daikon, kombu and herring out of the broth, add maitake, bamboo shoot, carrot, butterbur, and konjac and cook until soft.
Add daikon, kombu and herring back into the broth, add soy sauce and salt. Simmer on a low heat.
Take all the cooked ingredients out of the broth, and soak the rehydrated freeze-dried tofu for five minutes.

Information provided by : Agriculture Promotion Division, Iwate Prefectural Office


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