Tama no Ontama Meshi


It’s addictive! Conger-eel and onsen eggs make a special harmony

Tama no Ontama Meshi

Fry soft conger-eel, specialty of Tamano city, mix with rice cooked with cereals, and fry together with sweet and salty kabayaki sauce. It is exceptionally delicious when you eat it together with a softly boiled onsen egg on top of it. It is a taste that is addictive. Conger-eels contain a lot of vitamin A and vitamin E, which are good for healthy skin. Moreover, it has less than half of the fat of eels and is good for preventing summer heat fatigue. It is a cheap but tasty specialty of Tamano city, which as a result of an election by the citizens, won the best prize of the “Otakara Tamano B-level Gourmet Competition” within the 14th Tamano Minato festival.

Information provided by : gurutabi


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