Buri no atsumeshi


Fishermen’s dish from Ooita. A hot rice bowl with buri.

Buri no atsumeshi

“Burino atsumeshi (hot rice)” is a rice bowl dish topped with buri which is marinated in shoyu-based sauce, garnished with condiments such as green onions, nori and sesame seeds, and finished up by pouring green tea or dashi. It was invented by fishermen by slicing up freshly-caught buri to sashimi for meals,and also marinated the left over buri in shoyu as a preservative food onboard while fishing. It is said this cooking method was introduced from the fishermen in Ryukyu (now Okinawa), so the dish is also called “Ryukyu.” Aji and mackerel are also used for this rice bowl depending on the areas, and each area has its own fishermen’s recipe.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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