Very colorful Takikomi Gohan (Japanese style pilaf)


Rice production is fairly low in this region, so, other ingredients are added to the rice to give volume to this dish. The name Katemesi came from that reason.(Kate means foods)
This dish is cooked very often in certain Japanese traditional festivals such as celebration for mountain god in January, girls day in march, the eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring and the beginning of the bon festivals.

Recipi of cuisin

for 6 persons

  • Rice450g
  • Daikon150g
  • Gobo50g
  • Carrots50g
  • Dried shiitake mushroom4-5
  • Aburaage2 pieces
  • Oil1tbs
  • water100cc
  • Soy sauce3tbs
  • Sugar1 tbs
  • Mirin1tbs
  • Sake1tbs
  • salt1/2 tea spoon
Wash the rice and soak in water for 30 minutes.
Cut carrots and daikon into small long strips, soak shiitake in water and let it soften and cut them into strips. Cut Gobo into long thin shavings and put it into water to get rid of bitter taste.
Stir fly all the vegetables and simmer with all the seasonings.
4. Mix 3 with cooked rice and serve.

Information provided by : Saitama traditional local food recipe book


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