Fukagawa Don


Bukkakedon made with clam miso soup. A quick but nutritious meal.

Fukagawa Don

“Fukagawa Don” is a rice bowl made of miso soup with asari, hamaguri, negi and aburaage poured over rice. There is also a dish called “Fukagawa meshi” which is made by cooking rice with the same ingredients. Edo Fukagawa river before it was reclaimed had faced the sea, and was a good fishing bank of asari. It is thought that Fukagawa Don was made by fishermen for a quick but nutritious meal onboard. It has been also cooked at home and arranged by adding sake and daikon. There are still many restaurants around Kiyosumishirakawa and Monzennakacho area which serve Fukagawa Don.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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