Representative of Nagoya feed! The public who can grumble and is weepingly food by which the flavor was concentrated.


The taste of the common people who boiled giblets of a cow fiber and pork with fermented soybean paste and sweet rice cooking wine. "DO, please", it's called. It's one of the dish which represents Nagoya loved at a house and a pub and is said to be the dish Osaka origination transferred from "DO, and, baking". Mini-fermented soybean paste of Haccho soybean paste and red miso necessary to the taste of Nagoya are used mainly. A habit dies to boil giblets with the bad smell with sweet fermented soybean paste, and I increase in the flavor. I boil carefully, pour chopped leek and assorted chili pepper over it and eat soft so that it melts. DO, please, I'd like to taste boiling together with the feature which could be written on rice "DO, and, feed".

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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