Soki Jiru


It is a essential ingredient for Okinawan cuisine. It is popular among all ages.

Soki Jiru

Pork is a important ingredient for Okinawan cuisines. Pork spare ribs is called “Soki” and the ribs with bones are called “Buni”. It can be said the most important ingredients for Okinawan cuisine. Stewed pork ribs is the typical Okinawan dish, simmering Soki bones with water, soy sauce, Awamori (Strong Okinawan liquor distilled from rice or millet) and brown sugar. This sweet salty pork ribs are often cooked and eaten in typical family dinner. Because it is cooked for long time, fat get melted and leaving this dish lighter than you would expect. The meat comes apart from the bones very easily and you can even eat soft bones which contains much collagen. It is good for beautify. Soki is added on the top of the Soki noodle.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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