The art of rice, beautiful to look and also good to eat


Each home has its own recipe for the sushi rice and awasezu, but Futomakizushi is usually a bit sweeter than Edomaezushi.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

[ Sushi rice ]

  • rice1.4kg
  • water1.4kg
  • sake4-5 tablespoon
  • dashikonbu4-5 pieces of 5cm square

[ Awasezu ]

  • Sugar1-2 cups
  • salt2 tablespoon
  • vinegar1 cup (add 10% more in summer)

[ fried egg ]

  • big eggs3 (for 1 sheet)
  • sugar3 tablespoon
  • salt1/4 teaspoon
  • dashi1 tablespoon
  • sake1 tablespoon
  • katakuriko (starch)1/2 teaspoon

[ other ingredients ]

  • Kanpyou, nori, pickles (haduke, ginger, naraduke, yamagobou), fried egg, cheese, sausages, vegetables (ingen, spinach, cucumbers, shiso, shiitake mushrooms, carrots)
  • pink powder vinegaras needed
Wash good-quality rice, drain in a strainer and leave for 1 hour before cooking.
Cook rice, leave it for 10 – 13 minutes to steam and put into handai.
Mix all the ingredients of awasezu, mix with rice, leave the rice for 3-4 minutes and quickly cool it down.
Take 1/3 rice and mix with pink power vinegar to color.
Once the rice gets cooled down to body temperature, cover it with a wet towel.
Place the rice tenderly and do not knead or press. Roll it so that each piece of rice looks pointing from the cut side.

Information provided by : Local cooking, the taste of Chiba


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