Enjoyable flavor of the tradition born in the Edo Period


A delicacy dish of renkon which was cultivated outside the Kumamoto castle as emergency foods by the order of then feudal lord Kiyomasa Kato. Karashirenkon is made by stuffing a mixuter of wagarashi (Japanese mustard) and mugi miso into renkon, battered with flour, soramame powder and egg yolk, then deep-fried in canola oil. This dish was presented as a tribute to lord Tadatoshi Hosokawa, and the dish and its recipe was strictly kept within the area since the cut side of karashirenkon resembled the Hosokawa’s kamon (9 circles). It has become a popular dish cooked home as renkon is good in increasing blood, and wagarashi also increases appetite.

Recipi of cuisin

  • renkon1kg
  • vinegaras needed
  • mugi miso300g
  • wagarashi powder20~30g
  • sugar1 tablespoon
  • flour500g
  • kuchinashinomi2-3
  • water300g
Wash renkon thoroughly. Add vinegar to water, heat to a boil, then slightly boil renkon, do not over boil. Drain in a strainer.
Mix and grind karashi, miso and a bit of sugar (as a subtle touch to the taste) to make karashimiso.
Stuff karashimiso into the wholes of renkon, stand them on a strainer for 5 to 6 hours.
Peel kuchinashinomi, and soak in water to color water to yellow.
Add the yellow water to flour little by little, and make slightly thick batter.
Remove the excess karashimiso from renkon, and wipe off water with dry towel or paper towel.
Skew renkon with a bamboo skewer, batter them in #5 batter, and deep-fry with lots of oil at 180 degrees C in a deep frying pan.
※If available, mix soramame powder into the batter to prevent from batter getting hard

Information provided by : Division of building community, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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