Ga-Me Stew


A must-have at ‘Okunchi’ festival

Ga-Me Stew

A must-have during the traditional ‘Okunchi’ festival. It is also served at various other days of auspiciousness, such as new years. In Kyushu, this stew is refered to as ‘Ga-Me stew’ whereas in other parts of the country it is refered to as ‘Chikuzen Stew’. Different names, but the overall recipe remains the same. It is said that when Japanese soldiers went to the Korean peninsula back in the 14th Century, they saw turtles being stewed with vegetables, and that is where this dish originates from (Ga-Me in Japanese means ‘turtle’). However, no turtle can be found in this dish today, with the main protein being chicken.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Chicken thigh200g
  • Carrots100g
  • Burdock1
  • Lotus root140g
  • Dried shiitake mushrooms4
  • Potato jelly1/2 piece
  • Green beans12

[ A ]

  • Dashi stock1.5 cups
  • Dried shiitake rehydration water0.5 cup
  • Sake4 tablespoons
  • Mirin4 tablespoons
  • Sugar3 tablespoons
  • Soy sauce5 tablespoons
  • Oilsmall amount
  • Saltto taste
Rehydrate dried shiitake in water.
Cut chicken to bite size pieces.
Rub off burdock skin using the back of a knife. Peel lotus root and chop both. Place in water.
Boil potato jelly and cut into bite size pieces.
Boil green beans.
Add oil to pot, add chicken and all ingredients except for green beans.
Add to 4, scoop off any foam that rises to the surface as you boil, add drop lid and simmer on low.
Serve up and place green beans on top.

Information provided by : Saga Prefectural Manufacturer Support Division


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