Grilled Honmoroko with Dorosu


Honmorokos are valued in high class restaurants

Grilled Honmoroko with Dorosu

Honmoroko (willow gudgeon) can be caught all year round in Biwako Lake. They are said to be one of the most particularly tasty fish of the carp family, and are sold with high price to high-end restaurants in Kyoto. Especially the honmoroko with eggs that can be caught in winter are the specialties of Biwako, and are very rare to find. In Shiga, the honmoroko caught in Biwako are enjoyed with dorosu.

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  • honmoroko120g (12 fish)

[ dorosu ]

  • white miso50g
  • sugar25g
  • vinegarA bit less than 2osaji vinegar
  • mustard pastekosaji1/2
Wash the fish, put them on skewers and grill well (they can also be cooked in the oven of 250℃ for 3-5mins or in a fish grill)
Mix white miso, sugar and vinegar, mustard paste if preferred, and make dorosu.
Place grilled fish on a plate. Serve with dorosu.

Information provided by : Shiga of delicious collection

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