Bonito Flakes


Japanese traditional food with condensed flavor! The more mature it gets, the higher quality it has

Bonito Flakes

Remove the head, fins, the stomach that contains a lot of fat, and fillet the fish into three or more. Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) called “fushi”, processed in a ship-like shape, has many kinds including those that are simply boiled and dried called namaribushi, those that are smoked called arabushi, and those with added mold and matured while removing water called karebushi and honkarebushi. Karebushi with mold is of superior quality which contains richer flavor and vitamins compared to others. Traditionally, karebushi has been produced in the Pacific coastal areas where bonitos are caught, namely, Tosa, Satsuma, Awa, Kii, and Izu. Soft smoked bonitos are called “tosabushi”.

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