Wani no Sashimi


It is called "Wani (crocodile)" but it is a dish of "same (shark)." Delicious dish of very tender and light flavored shark meats.

Wani no Sashimi

"Wani (crocodile)" here indicates "same (sharks)." Since sharks holds a large amount of urea within its body, they keep fresh for several days after being caught, thus sharks were the only fish that could be eaten as sashimi in the inland areas. The food culture of eating "wani" sashimi took root in the mountain areas between the southern part of Shimane Prefecture and the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. It is still a popular food for the locals and served as a special food for the New Years. Since the shark meat is very tender and light, it never makes your stomach heavy no mater how much you eat. It is known that Nezumizame is the most delicious shark among several edible ones.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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