Tonjiru Ramen


A local ramen that can be eaten for breakfast, very light but also rich in flavor.

Tonjiru Ramen

A soup called "skijiru" was born for warming up cold bodies after skiing, and it became popular and served at ryokan and rest houses around ski resorts. It was renamed as tonjiru later and served at restaurants all over the Joetsu area. It is known that "tonjiru ramen" was born around 1980 at a restaurant which served ramen noodles in tonjiru soup. It might look similar to miso ramen which is topped with stir-fried vegetables, but tonjiru ramen has a rich flavor of boiled pork and sweetness from onions, and throughly warms up your cold body. Since it is a very light-flavored ramen it could also be eaten as breakfast.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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