Hakata Ramen


The rich pork bone broth luxuriously coats the thin straight-cut noodles. Want extra noodles? Just go ahead and ask!

Hakata Ramen

The straight-cut thin noodles and the milky colored rich pork bone broth are the main distinguishing characteristics of Hakata ramen. However, the finer nuances of color and flavoring differ from restaurant to restaurant, area to area. One commonality found across establishments is the service of ‘Kaedama’ or an extra portion of noodles, free of charge. Another is that the customer can request what done-ness they would like their noodles to have. The toppings tend to be simple, with many restaurants opting for Japanese-style char-siew pork slices and spring onions, or in some cases spring onions only. Ramen in Fukuoka city has traditionally been divided into the 2 camps of Hakata ramen and Nagahama ramen, however in recent years their distinctions are lessening. The Tenshin, Nakasu and Nagahama areas of central Fukuoka are all home to ‘Food stall streets’, home to many ramen street hawkers. Finding your very own favorite food stall can be tremendous fun.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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