Nagaokakei Ramen


A local ramen with a unique flavor of shoyu and ginger based soup.

Nagaokakei Ramen

A local ramen from Nagaoka City. It is also called "Nagaokakei shoyu shouga (ginger) ramen" and as the name indicates it is a unique flavored ramen with rich soup made of pork bone stock, shoyu and ginger, and tender roasted pork on top. There are several different stories of the origin of the ramen, but it is said that a restaurant "Aoshima Shokudou" is the first restaurant that served the ramen. "Shinasoba" was the major ramen before Nagaokakei Ramen came out, but Nagaokakei Ramen with ginger flavored soup made of pork bone broth with spinach and thinly sliced roasted pork on top became the most popular ramen in Nagaoka City as soon as it came out. The ramen at that time was called "Aoshima Ramen" by the locals. The ramen with a rich flavor of shoyu and plenty of giger which warms up your body is uniquely made in Niigata.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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