Kamo Suki


Wild ducks are with spring onions! Fully enjoy the real taste of wild ducks

Kamo Suki

Mallard ducks from the Biwako lake area are used for this dish, a representative food of Kohoku area, Shiga prefecture. It is popular as a winter dish between November and February. The ducks become fit and fatty as the weather gets cold, and their springy texture, the sweet fat unique to ducks, and the light taste are their characteristics. Using a shallow pot and dashi stock from bonito and kelp is the regular method of cooking. The trick of its taste is the condensed bones and blood made of crushed bones and gristles called“tataki”, and the condensed taste of the duck ooze out from it. The duck flesh can be enjoyed differently as minced meatballs or as sliced. Enjoy the harmony with spring onions too.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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