Ayu Gyoden


A dish with a fragrant smell of burnt miso. The appetizing aroma goes well with sake.

Ayu Gyoden

Ayu Gyoden is a miso dengaku of ayu (sweetfish covered with sweetened miso). Not only ayu but small and light fish such as aji (horse mackerel), kisu (sillaginoid fish), and haze (goby) are used. Pierce the fish on a skewer, grill till soft, spread sweetened miso and toast briefly again until it is slightly burnt, and it will make a perfect side dish to go with sake. While it is a simple dish it is also carefully elaborated, such as using bitter miso that has grounded tate (polygonum) leaves mixed together when ayu is used. Japanese pepper miso, yuzu (citron) miso are also used. Sliced fish are used for mournful occasions.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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