Traditional hot pot to enjoy with the beautiful scenery of autumn


Imotaki is a traditional hot pot dish of Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture dating back more than 350 years to the time when the Kato family ruled the domain. It is said to have originated in a dish served at a social gathering in the area called Okomori, where each participant brought along the area’s specialty vegetable, taro. Imotataki has developed as part of the tourism of the city since 1966, and had received more than 70,000 visitors annually at its peak period. At Myohoji-gawara on the side of Hiji-kawa River, the dish is served during the famous ukai cormorant fishing season for about a month in August and September, while visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Garyu Sanso lit up at night.

Information provided by : Iyo-Kan Net


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